Are you planning a trip to India and thinking about bringing your pet along? India is a pet-friendly country, and there are many pet-friendly hotels available throughout the country. From luxury resorts to budget-friendly accommodations, you can find a variety of hotels that cater to your pet-owning needs. Here we are going to take a look at the best pet-friendly hotels in India, so that you can find the perfect place to stay with your furry companion. Whether you are looking for a place to stay near the beach, in the mountains, or in a city, you can find a hotel that will welcome your pet.

So, here are some amazing hotels that allow pets in India.

List of pet friendly hotels in India

Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai

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Location1/136, DR. E. MOSES ROAD, WORLI, MUMBAI, 400 018 INDIA
Weight of the petIt should be under 7 kg or 15 pounds (approximately)
Charges for your pet1750 INR for every pet per night that is accommodated
Special services provided for your petFood BowlPlush PillowSpecial Pet FoodIf informed 24 hours ahead any special supplies can also be arranged.
Off limits for your pet while in the hotelThe dining outletsPool AreaHealth Club
Cost per night for two people10,500 INR (approximately)

The Four Seasons hotel in Mumbai is a wonderful space for your pet if you are planning a vacation in the Maharashtrian capital. This amazing hotel is located in the Worli region of Mumbai. Apart from being a pet friendly restaurant it boasts a lot of amazing amenities and facilities for the family members, especially your kids. All of these things make Four Seasons in Mumbai one of the best hotels that allow pets in India.

Casa Cottage, Bengaluru

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Location:Cmp Centre Post Office, 2, Clapham Street, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
Charges for your petNo extra charges
Special services provided for your petSpecial foodPet bed on requestGarden for some playtime
Cost per night for two people3000 INR (approximately)

If Bengaluru is where you are heading on maybe a road trip from nearby places- then Casa Cottage is one of the best in the list of pet friendly hotels in India. It is a wonderfully setup and maintained British-Style cottage with gardens. Your pets get complete liberty to have fun with you in these gardens. Also, it is walking distance from MG road and Brigade Road. The cottage is located in Richmond Town and is known to be one of the most gorgeous and salubrious places to stay in. 

The Mandrem House, Goa

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Location352, Junas Waddo, Mandrem, Goa 403527
Charges for your petNo extra charges 
Special services provided for your petFeeding BowlSpecial Pet food on request with extra delivery chargesPet Grooming toolsPet ToysGarden area for pets to play
Cost per night for two people17,000 INR (approximately)

If you are heading out to Goa on your next trip and want to enjoy at a private property with your pet- then “The Mandrem House” is perfect. This beautiful house is approximately 400 m from the Mandrem Beach. And is one of the secluded and cleanest places of the beach-capital of India. This luxurious Villa is tucked away in the midst of amazing flora and is truly one of the top pet friendly hotels in India. While staying at the property you can enjoy the swimming pool, 5 very well-appointed rooms, garden, terrace area, bonfire spot, and much more.

Also, you can have a great rejuvenating experience here in the house. If you are visiting here with your friends and pet- we suggest you explore this property. It also offers a luxurious experience to all the visitors and your pets will have all the fun they have always waited for. It is going to be a great stay for them and you as well. 

Emerald Trail, Bhimtal

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LocationJungaliya Gaon Rd, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
Charges for your petNo extra charges
Special services provided for your petPets can explore the entire 3-acre property and have fun under all time surveillance of the hosts.Pet beds can be installed in every room.Pet feeding bowls that include home cooked meals as per your instructions.On-Call vet services 24x 7Staff babysitting is also available while you go on sightseeing
Some do’s that have to kept in mindEnsure that your pets do their business outside the property and the cleaning staff will take care of the rest.Ensure that all your pets are indoors as it gets dark.It is advised that taking them out on a night walk should be refrained from.Any damages done by the pet has to be paid before checkout.
Cost per night for two people4300 INR (approximately)

Nainital and Bhimtal are also some of the best or top-notch destinations in India. A lot of people love to visit here anytime in the year and they are a bit skeptical about their pets. But not anymore! If you are heading out for Bhimtal, then Emerald trails is a perfect hotel that allows pets in India where you can stay. It’s a lavish and huge property where your pet will get the same attention as you and your kids. So you do not have to worry about anything because the staff members here are very friendly and helpful.

But there are some rules and regulations that you will have to follow and do the same for your pets. One of the most important things that has to be kept in mind is not taking your pet out in the dark. That’s because the entire property is surrounded by forest and there are wild animals that can harm your pet. So you should be in the property as it gets dark so that the staff members can look after your pet properly.

Hotel Nand Residency, Mussoorie

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Locationopp. State Bank of IndiaKulri, The Mall Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
Charges for your petThe charges keep changing and you have to get that from the hotel before booking.
Special services provided for your petFood bowlSleeping bed on requestIf your pet sleeps with you; it is requested to get your bedsheetVet on call- 24×7
Cost per night for two people3100 INR (approximately)

Be it honeymoon, family trip, weekend trip with your partner, or a vacation with friends- whatever it may be; if your pet is involved and you are heading to Mussoorie- The Nand Residency can be an apt place. Known to be one of the top budget friendly hotels in Uttarakhand has also been named as one of the best pet friendly hotels in India. The entire property is decorated beautifully and all the rooms are stylishly equipped. The hotel is close to the camel’s back road; and it offers a gorgeous view of the Shivalik Hills.

The property is a few minutes walk from the mall Road which means you can access the road whenever you want. And you will also have the choice of getting yourself to a great restaurant anytime through the day or evening. The stay members here are very friendly and you will love your stay. Your pet will also feel like home!

Vivanta by Taj – Kovalam, Kerala

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LocationG. V. Raja Vattappara, Road, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695527
Charges for your pet3300 INR per pet per night (only cats and dogs are allowed)
Special services provided for your petA comfortable and cozy pet bedSpecial pet food on requestPet toys if requestedPet babysitting services also available
Cost per night for two people23,100 INR (approximately)

If your next plans are taking you to the amazing backwaters state- then that means you will require a heading for Kerala. And if in this state you are planning to stay at Kovalam; then we have a premier, five-star hotel where your pet can stay around all the luxuries. Vivanta by Taj is one of the best hotels in not just Kerala but in the entire country. We would like to also tell you that it is one of the top notch pet friendly hotels in India

The legacy of Taj speaks for itself and with the opportunity of bringing your furry friend here makes it even better for all the visitors. With a nominal charge your pet gets a lot of comfortable and soothing facilities and amenities to enjoy. Therefore, you can always keep Vivanta by Taj as one of your options for the stay.

Fraser Suites, New Delhi

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LocationDistrict Centre, Plot No 4A, Sadbhawana Marg, Phase-1, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110091
Charges for your petAny pet of any size at 500 INR per pet per night
Special services provided for your petPet foodPet bowlPet BedExtra sheet for petExtra pillow for the pet
Cost per night for two people5400 INR (approximately)

Are you planning on your next trip to the national capital with your furry member? Don’t worry, there is a list of pet friendly hotels in India offering a great and warm stay in Delhi. Fraser suites in the national capital of India is located in the heart of Delhi. The hotel is situated at a convenient distance from Humayun’s Tom and Akshardham temple; two of the most important attractions of the city. This world-class hotel has approximately 92 air-conditioned rooms which are very well-equipped. From bathtubs to showers, complimentary toiletries to some recreational areas-people can have a great time while enjoying the city.

Those who are also wanting to have some great time in the hotel can avail the facilities of sauna, outdoor pool, fitness center, and wireless internet. In the midst of all these things, your furry friend can also have a great time enjoying all the available and allowed areas of the hotel. If there are any special requirements; you can talk to the staff members and request them to arrange the same.


We have just listed some of the best pet friendly hotels in India at some of the leading destinations. You can always plan your trip to these places and book your stairs at any of these hotels and resorts. Rest assured the services and staff members are not only humble but immensely helpful as well. While your entire family including the pet stay here, there will be nothing to worry about.

We suggest that whenever you embark on the journey get your room pre-booked at any of these hotels. So that you do not have to face any issues when you reach your destination. Apart from that, all the important things are already given in the blog.

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