Mount Abu is a popular hill station and tourist destination in Rajasthan known for its good weather and picturesque scenery. It is the perfect getaway to relax and unwind with your four-legged friends. Furry travelers will be delighted to know that there are many pet friendly hotels in Mount Abu where they can stay along with their pet parents. From luxury five-star resorts to small-budget accommodations, you can find something for everyone here.

From the intricately carved Dilwara Temple to the sunset point, you will get an extensive number of places to visit throughout the town. But let’s have a look at the best hotels, homestays, villas, resorts, and other accommodations where you can stay with your furry friend, and have a great time in the hills of Aravallis.

Best Pet Friendly Hotels In Mount Abu

The Colonial Manek Manor

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LocationManek Manor, Cross Road, Arbuda Devi, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501
Charges for pet allowancePets are allowed on the property and there are no extra charges for that.
Services for the petsPet kit, bed for your pet with cushion, food for the pet (special diet on request, feeding bowl, and water bowl, vet on call can also be arranged on request
Cost for two per night3600 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsIf your pet damages anything at the property; you will be charged for that. Make sure that your pet does business as per the instruction of the staff members. You need to make sure that your pet is never left alone anywhere on the hotel premises. Maintaining the peace for other guests is also going to be your responsibility. The restaurant and a few other areas are restricted to pets.

The Colonial Manek Manor is a wonderful and top-notch accommodation in Mount Abu. It offers a range of amazing facilities and well-equipped rooms. If you plan on staying at the Manor, you can opt amongst the four categories of rooms. One can pick between the lake view, mountain view, city view, as well as the garden view rooms. The hotel which happens to be one of the best pet friendly resorts in Mount Abu is also equipped with multiple activity centers.

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The guests can enjoy their time at the spa and wellness center, children’s playground, as well as karaoke room. If requested, the guests can also enjoy airport shuttle services from both ends. Although the hotel features an on-site restaurant, it also offers the liberty to dine in your room as well.

Mountain view bungalow

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LocationGyan Sarovar Road, 307501 Mount Ābu, India
Charges for pet allowanceIn this property you will not have to pay anything extra for your pet’s admission.
Services for the petsThe list of services offered by the hotel will have to be asked by the guests while booking or before arriving.
Cost for two per night8000 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsIt is advised that you should get in touch with the hotel officials for the same.

The Mountain Hill bungalow is undoubtedly one of the most popular dog friendly hotels in Mount Abu. You will see a lot of people making their bookings at this accommodation. Mostly the entire property is bound by a group of friends or family during their trip to Mount Abu. There are approximately five rooms in the entire property all having a balcony, private kitchen, and other things as well. This amazing property also features a terrace that is common and can be accessed for multiple purposes. 

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Guests can use the balcony to relax with their travel partners, have a distant view of the surrounding, enjoy a terrace bonfire, and play with their pet. Moreover, this property is quite close to many important attractions of this hill station. That includes the Aravalli Range just about 6 km from the property. Then you also get the Nakki Lake and Honeymoon points approximately 3.4 km and 3.9 km respectively. 

Hotel Toppers Corner

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LocationSt Mary’s School Rd, Opposite St. Mary’s School, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501
Charges for pet allowanceThere are no extra charges for your pet’s admission
Services for the petsDesignated playing area for the pets. Pet food (special food can also be requested). Pet bed can also be requested on arrival. Feeding and water bowl for your pet
Cost for two per night5500 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsThe bowls will be changed by the staff members, so you don’t have to worry. Pets are not allowed to be left unsupervised at any point in time until the guests leave. Gaming areas, snack bar, restaurant, and other few places are restricted for pet entry. Also, the guests have to be extra cautious while pets roam around in the garden area.

Hotel Toppers Corner is the next hotel that allows pets in Mount Abu and you can also try getting a room here. If you plan on staying at this property you get a chance to choose a room between the garden view, mountain view, and landmark view. This hotel also offers an airport shuttle service to all the guests. This accommodation boasts a common terrace that can be accessed by the guests and the same goes for the garden area. 

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If you are traveling here with kids, you get the children’s playground, games room, kids club as well as dart room. The express check-in and check facilities are also supported here in the hotel. 

Seven Hills Villa

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LocationJanta colony, Bungalow no 1, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501
Charges for pet allowanceYou won’t have to pay anything extra for the admission of your pet.
Services for the petsIt is advised that the guests should ask the hosts about all the services they are going to provide to the pets.
Cost for two per night6000 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsThe entire policy can be obtained from the hosts and should be done beforehand.

Here is another affordable pet friendly hotel in Mount Abu. This is more of a villa that can be rented entirely. If you have a big group of friends or are visiting here with your family, then staying here is going to be a great way to spend some quality time. The expansive villa also allows pets free of cost which means there is the liberty of charge and your pet can roam wherever they want. But you must get the pet policy and have a look at the things that are listed there.

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If this villa interests you then you also get a chance to stay near multiple attractions that are important. The Seven Hills Villa is only 27 km from Abu Road and Chandravati is only 31 km from this independent property.

Hotel Aradhana Mount Abu

LocationSt Mary’s School Rd, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501
Charges for pet allowanceThe charges are applicable and you will have to confirm the same while getting the bookings done.
Services for the petsYou will get the pet food, Pet food bowl, and drinking bowl
Cost for two per night3800 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsMake sure you do not enter with your pet in their restricted areas. Also, ensure that any damage done by the pet will be charged by the host before you leave the premises. There are no extra bed facilities available at the hotel so you might have to get your own pet bed. It is also advised that one should ask for the entire pet policy.

The next pet friendly resort in Mount Abu is the Hotel Aradhana. It is a luxurious property with generous room space. All the rooms in this property are equipped with multiple modern facilities that allow all visitors to enjoy the utmost comfort and luxury. The rooms are set up in such a way that you can stay here with your partner or family- whichever way you are traveling here. You also get to enjoy the list of services like the picnic area, garden area, outdoor furniture to relax, and the special kid’s buffet to say the least.

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The hotel also boasts an on-site restaurant that offers a buffet system to all visitors. And these are just a handful of things that they have on offer. You can explore the entire list of services, facilities, and amenities they have on offer. 

Naivedyam villa

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LocationGora Chapra, 17/18, near L&T Bungalow, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501
Charges for pet allowanceThere are no extra charges that the guests have to pay for their pets.
Services for the petsThe services are highly subjective and one has to get in touch with the staff members to know everything exactly.
Cost for two per night7500 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsThe pet policy that the hotel presents will bear all the important information and instructions regarding the pets.

Next on the list is Naivedyam villa- which is a popular family vacation accommodation in Mount Abu. This is an entire holiday house where you can have unlimited fun with not just your family members but even your pets. It is a pet friendly accommodation in Mount Abu where you can stay if planning on visiting this amazing place on your next trip. 

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We believe this short and crisp list of some of the best hotels that allow pets in Mount Abu is going to serve you right. All those people who are wanting to travel with their four-legged friend to Mount Abu can pick a room in any of these hotels. You do not have to think twice before doing this because these pet friendly hotels in Mount Abu are warm, cozy, well-equipped, and offer an array of activities and services to all visitors including your pets. 

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