Puri is an incredibly popular destination for tourists in Odisha, India. It offers an array of attractions, from breathtaking beaches to remarkable Hindu temples. However, if you’re travelling with your pet, you may be wondering if there are any pet friendly hotels in Puri. Luckily, we have done the hard work of figuring out the best pet friendly hotels in Puri. Whether you want a luxurious stay or a budget-friendly option, we’ve got you covered!

Top pet friendly resorts, home-stays and hotels in Puri

Sterling Puri

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Location255/2 and 255/3, Sipasarubali Village, Baliapanda, Puri, Odisha 752001
Charges for pet allowanceThe charges must be determined at the time of booking.
Services for the petsSpecial pet foodPet sleeping bedFeeding bowl for your petDrinking bowl for the petPet toys on request and is subject to availabilityIf requested, Vet on call services can also be provided. 
Cost for two per night9000 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsPets are not allowed in the pool.You cannot leave the pet unmonitored at any point in time throughout the stay.Make sure your pet is fully vaccinated and also tick free.No pets are allowed in the restaurant.Any damage done in the property will be charged before the guests leave.

Sterling Puri is one of the best pet friendly hotels in Puri near the beach that is also a host of facilities and services. Sterling is also one of the luxurious and popular hotels of Puri that offers a range of luxury services too. To start with, they have a fully equipped swimming pool that can be accessible anytime throughout the year. Then you get amazingly done beachfront rooms that are going to offer a perfect view whenever you look out of the window. If requested, the hotel also provides airport shuttle services and can also offer Non-smoking rooms as well. 

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Apart from the quick room service, one can also enjoy a few meals at the restaurant. The rooms are also equipped with a minibar and tea/ coffee maker. If the time is right, you can also enjoy relaxing in the poolside sun umbrellas, beach chairs, and sun loungers. This is also one of the best pet friendly resorts in Puri which is also equipped with a kid’s pool and spa & wellness center. So that you get a complete rejuvenating experience throughout the stay. 

Goroomgo Krishna Residency Puri

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LocationBaliapanda Housing Board Colony, Puri, Odisha 752001
Charges for pet allowanceCharges may apply and should be confirmed before booking
Services for the petsAll the basic services are offered at the hotel. If you need anything special, it has to be requested from the officials or the staff members.
Cost for two per night800 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsAll the pointers of the pet policy have to be determined from the reception itself. Therefore it is advised to get in touch with them before reaching here or getting your booking done.

If you are looking for a pet friendly homestay in Puri then stay here at the Goroomgo Krishna Residency Puri. This is a wonderful place for those who are looking for an affordable place to stay with their pet. This happens to be an affordable 3-star property that will give you a great time throughout the stay. They have multiple well-equipped rooms for the guests featuring balconies on all of them. From family rooms to honeymoon suits; the range of options are quite elaborative. 

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The hotel is also quite close to the main beach which is approximately 300 m. While the magnificent and glorious Jagannath Puri temple is not more than 5 km from the hotel. 

Sweet villa

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LocationSIPASARUBALI, Baliapanda Rd, ROAD, Puri, Odisha 752002
Charges for pet allowanceThe charges of pets vary as per multiple things. You should ask the hotel staff before booking. 
Services for the petsFeeding bowl and water bowlPet special food (on request)Pet bed (subject to availability)
Cost for two per night3000 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsMake sure that the pets are not left unmonitored at any point in time.Any damage at the property will be charged by the staff before the guests leave the propertyIf you bring your pet stuff, the staff members have to be informed about it too.Any special request has to be done in advance.

Sweets Villa is one of the best pet friendly hotels in Puri where you and your furry friend can have a great time. This place is also quite near to the Puri beach which is not more than hundred meters from the hotel main gate. While you get your booking is done here at this hotel you can also enjoy an expansive terrace to relax for sometime. The property also offers a few amazing facilities and services apart from well-equipped modern hotel rooms. One of the services that most guests laugh about the hotel is the car hire service.

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In this you can hire a car from the hotel for sightseeing. There are other amazing facilities too, that include daily housekeeping for you and your pet. Kid’s meal, bike tours, walking tours, banquet facility, safety deposit box, and much more.

The Pearl

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LocationRiver Side Retreat Puri konark Marine Dr Rd, 752002 Puri, India
Charges for pet allowanceYou will have to determine the charges while getting your bookings done.
Services for the petsPet bowls for food and water.Pet basket/ sleeping bed.The other services for your pet will be subject to availability. And the owners/ guests should have a word with the staff members before getting their bookings done.
Cost for two per night2300 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsWhen you get the details or the pet policy; we would suggest you should get the instructions at that moment itself.

The pearl is amongst the pet friendly hotels in Puri near the beach. And a budget friendly property that offers an array of luxury services and amenities. The hotel is very strategically built near multiple important attractions of the city. The hotel is also approximately 9 km from Jagannath Temple and just about 7 km from Balighai. The pearl hotel of Puri is also a host of multiple facilities and services that would help in making your stay comfortable and rejuvenating.

Some luxury services like bicycle rental, bike to words, walking to words, access to an offsite water park, cycling activity, fishing, mini market on site availability- are what makes it ideal for the guests.

Hotel Prabhupada

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LocationNew Marine Drive Rd, near Light House, Puri, Odisha 752001
Charges for pet allowanceThere are no extra charges that one has to pay for their pet’s admission in the hotel.
Services for the petsPet food (special food can also be arranged if requested in advance.)Feeding bowl for your petWater drinking bowl for your pet can also be givenIt is available, you can request for some pet toys.The garden area can be used by your pet to play freely.
Cost for two per night4013 INR (approximately) 
Any instruction to the visitorsYou need to keep in mind that the pet should not damage the flowers of the garden.Any damages done in the hotel premises will be charged without any further discussion.The pet’s special food has to be informed or requested in advance.Pets are not allowed in the eating area or restaurant at any point in time throughout the stay.

The hotel is one of the most popular and closest to the beach of Puri. It happens to be one of the best dog friendly hotels in Puri. You won’t have to bother with anything once you get your bookings done here. Just keep in mind to follow all the important instructions regarding the pet. This is undoubtedly going to be a wonderful place for you to stay because the property is named under the name of the founder of ISCKON. The Hotel is built approximately 10 m from the Puri Beach which makes it one amongst the pet friendly hotels in Puri near the beach.

You can also enjoy a list of varied things such as their beachfront room, outdoor fireplace, outdoor furniture, gardens to relax, and so much more. 

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Hotel Sun City

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LocationBidhaba ashram chaak Gourbadsahi road, near new kakatua restaurant, Puri, Odisha 752001
Charges for pet allowanceThere is no extra charge for your pet’s admission in the hotel. But for every service you request for the pet; it could be charged by the hotel staff.
Services for the petsThe list of services will be provided by the hotel staff members. And you should confirm for them before moving ahead with the bookings.
Cost for two per night1450 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsThis is also on the guests to determine during the booking. Failing to which you might have to get that done on arrival.But it is strictly advised that you get in touch with an official of the hotel to know what should be done.

If you are looking for one of the best pet friendly hotels in Puri near Swargadwar, we would suggest that the Hotel sun city would be an awesome option for you. In that case you not only get the chance to stay near the Swargadwar but innumerable services are on offer. Firstly, you get access to all the pools free of cost and they are open all year long. The property flaunts indoor pools on-site. Apart from this, you also get things like beach activities, safety deposit box, rooftop pool, sun umbrellas, beach chairs, and more!

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Although the list of pet friendly hotels in Puri is quite extensive, you can stay at any of these. They are well-equipped to give you and your pet a comfortable stay. But we also suggest that most of these hotels and resorts are quick fillers. And if you are planning to visit during the best time to visit Puri; then get your booking done in advance. Also, before you complete the booking formalities; make sure to connect with the staff members. To know the entire pet policy with every detail. This will help you in being more informed about things. And you will be able to make better decisions afterwards. 

Otherwise, please have a look at the official website of the hotel you pick and check their policies for any recent updates. Happy holidaying in Puri!

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