Kerala is known for its natural beauty, and many travelers are looking for a pet-friendly resort to make their holiday even more enjoyable. If you’re one of them, then you’re in luck! Kerala has plenty of resorts that are pet friendly and offer a variety of activities and amenities to make your vacation with your furry family member even more special.

Whether you’re looking for an upscale beachfront resort or a cozy homey mountain retreat, there’s sure to be something perfect for you and your four-legged friend in Kerala. They also offer exciting activities like swimming pools, spa treatments and nature walks so both you and your furry companion can enjoy all the wonders of the area.

Top Pet Friendly Resorts In Kerala

Taj Bekal Resort & Spa- Kasaragod

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LocationKappil Beach, Thekkekara, Bekal, Kerala 671319
Charges for pet allowanceYou must get the charges while getting your bookings done.
Services for the petsSpecial food for pets (on request)Pet food bowlPet water bowlToys for your petBed for your pet and pillows (on request)Play area for your pet
Cost for two per night24,000 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsMake sure your pet never roams unmonitored.Pets are not allowed on the furniture or beds in hotel.All the pets that are coming to the resort have to be fully vaccinated.Your pet should be tick free when coming to the resort.Make sure your pet does not enter the swimming pool, food courts/ restaurant/ and bar.

Taj Bekal Resort and Spa is a top notch 5-star property in Kerala. It is situated in the Bekal region of Kasaragod district. This resort allows pets and has a lot of services and amenities to offer to them. You get an expansive garden where your pet can have fun and play during their trip. Whereas for the guests there is a balcony with outdoor seating, non-smoking rooms, a safety deposit box, free parking, and Barbeque facilities on request. All the offerings combined with the luxurious stay makes this property one of the best pet friendly beach resorts in Kerala.

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The property also boasts an outdoor swimming pool that can be accessible throughout the year. The guests can also enjoy the currency exchange services as well as an on-site ATM machine for added convenience. The resort also offers an on-site bar where guests can have a good time. Apart from all this, there is a fitness center and a games room for people of all ages. And if you want to indulge in some activities; why not try fishing and beach walk.

Safire Residency- Trivandrum

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LocationTC 25/992 Charummoottil, Road, near SBI Bank, Aristo Junction, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695014
Charges for pet allowanceYou need to request in advance and the charges will be told then.
Services for the petsPet food. Feeding bowl
Cost for two per night2000 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsThe pets are allowed only after request. Ask for the guidelines from the reception before admission. Any damage done by your pet will be charged during your checkout.

Safire Residency is a budget pet friendly hotel in Kerala. The hotel is located in the capital city of Kerala- Trivandrum. The hotel is well equipped with multiple facilities like Wi-Fi offered free,  non-smoking rooms, 24 hour front desk, and proximity to multiple attractions. The hotel is only 350 m from Ponnara Sreedhar Park, and just about 1.2 km from Gandhi Park. The EMS children’s park, Poojappura Ground, and Poojappura Roundabout Park are 2 km each from this place. If you wish to visit the Botanical Garden of Trivandrum, Napier Museum, and the K Karunakaran Park- then both of these are 2.2 km away from the property. 

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Attractions include Kanakakunnu Palace, Kerala Science and Technology Museum, Padmanabhapuram Palace, Vizhinjam Lighthouse, and Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium; all of these are under 12 km from this property. Keeping all this in mind and that the place is quite budget friendly- you can consider staying at this place.

Santa Maria Hostel Fort- Kochi

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Location1/506-A Bellard Rd Opposite Hotel Brunton Boatyard Cyrils Estuary, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001
Charges for pet allowancePets are allowed here free of cost
Services for the petsA friendly environment with cooperating staffPet food on requestPet feeding bowl and water bowlPet toys on requestPlay area for all the pets
Cost for two per night2000 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsMake sure you inform the official about the number of pets you are bringing.All pets are not allowed in the dining area.Make sure not to leave your pet unmonitored any moment.Any damages will be charged before check out.

Are you planning on visiting Kochi on your next trip to Kerala? Or even if You Are residing in Kerala; will your next plan include visiting Kochi? If yes then there is another amazing budget friendly place where you can stay with your pet and that is Santa Maria hostel Fort. This is one of the most exciting places where you can meet and make new friends. This is also considered as one of the best pet friendly hotels in Kerala. The property is a hostel, considering this fact you will get a lot of good things here. Starting with breakfast, you will get a choice between Irish and Full English. Here you also get the 24 hour front desk service, Free Wifi, and beachfront location. 

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So that whenever you wish to roam at the beach, just head outside and there you are on the beach. Other than this, you will get some of the major attractions within 3 km around this property. Like the Nehru Children’s Park, Y.N.P trust playground, Parade Ground, Veli Park, SNC Maritime Museum, and a lot others. 

Raveendra Inn- Wayanad

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LocationNear, SP Office Rd, Madathumpady, Kalpetta, Kerala 673122
Charges for pet allowanceCharges may apply and are subject to the time of visiting
Services for the petsPet food (special food on request)Pet BowlPet bed
Cost for two per night3500 INR (approximately)
Any instruction for the visitorsYou cannot let the pet be unwatched at any time throughout your stay. Ensure that your pet does all the jobs outside the premises. The staff members will guide you through. Your pet should be fully vaccinated before coming to the venue. It is your duty to keep the peace of other visitors in mind, especially at night.

Raveendran Inn is one of the most popular pet friendly hotels in Wayanad, Kerala. Like any other hotel at this amazing hill station, even here you get multiple facilities such as free Wi-Fi, free parking, Sun Terrace, mountain view rooms, and an extensive list of services for your pet. While you consider this place as one of your options to stay in Wayanad- rest assured that the hospitality and ambiance here is top-notch. You and your pets are going to have a great time throughout their stay because of the cozy well-appointed rooms, an array of facilities, and a lot of other things.

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Additionally, when you plan on staying here, you also have the chance of getting a stay with a closer look at the Chembra Peak. There is another attraction in the name of Banasura Sagar Dam. At this hotel you are going to also get out of seating or terrace seating which allows you to have some good time in the peaceful environment. There is a safety deposit box at the property that is going to be a helpful space for you. Keep all your important and expensive items locked here. 

Klov Resort & Spa- Wayanad

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LocationThirunelli Temple (Post), Wayanad, Dist, Thirunelly, Kerala 670646
Charges for pet allowanceYou need to inform and request the resort management for pet allowance. And the charges will be told by them at the time of booking.
Services for the petsPlaying space for your pets.Special food for the pet can also be requested.Pet food and water bowls can also be requested.Pet toys; that are subject to availability
Cost for two per night9500 INR (approximately)
Any instruction for the visitorsYour pet should not damage the property. And if such even happens, you will have to pay for it.Pets are not allowed on the guest beds and room furniture.You will have to also keep your pet fully vaccinated.If there is a special shampoo that you use for your pet, make sure to carry it along.Your pet should be tick free.

It won’t be wrong to say that why nard is one of the most visited and popular places in Kerala. It is visited by a lot of people including honeymooners throughout the year. Klov Resort & Spa is one of those stays in the hill station where you can book your stay with your pet. It is a top-notch and luxurious staying option where people can have an amazing time with their pet, family, and friends. The entire property is expansive and well-equipped with a number of things like a swimming pool. You will have to take care of certain pet policies that will be dictated to you by our staff members. Other than that- you will have nothing else to worry about. 

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A comfortable, enchanting, and homely stay will give you a chance to peacefully stay at a place in Wayanad. With an array of amazing activities, facilities, and amenities- it won’t be wrong to say that this property is amongst the best pet friendly resorts in Kerala.

Sterling- Munnar

LocationChinnakanal Village, Suriyanelli, Chinnakanal Suryanelli Rd, Chinnakanal, Kerala 685618
Charges for pet allowanceIt is subjective and has to be asked at the reception during the booking
Services for the petsPet food (special food on request)Pet feeding bowl and water bowlToys for pet (subject to availability)You can also request for extra bed and pillow
Cost for two per night6000 INR (approximately) 
Any instruction to the visitorsNot more than 2 pets are allowed in the resort.Make sure that your pet is fully vaccinated before the admission.Ensure that your pets are always monitored.You will have to keep a check that the pets don’t get on the furniture or the bed. Any damages caused at the property due to your pet will be charged.

Sterling Group has a wonderful place for pet lovers to stay in the amazing hill station of Munnar. It is a great looking property that offers so much more than just a comfortable stay. This is amongst the top rated and opted pet friendly resorts in Kerala. You will love to stay here for how long you wish for. It is one of those places which is equipped with a plethora of comforting facilities and services. 

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This is a meticulously curated list of such places where you can book your stay whenever you are planning to visit Kerala with your pet. With all the information that we have given above it would be quite convenient for you to get your bookings done. Just ensure the availability of things before heading to the property as this will be a good thing for you after all.

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