If you are a wildlife enthusiast who wishes to explore the home of The Royal Bengal Tigers- then we have a perfect destination for you- Ranthambore. It is a nature lover’s paradise too! With so many amazing things to do and attractions to visit, you will surely have a retreat during your visit to the land of wild cats. This Rajasthan destination is known to host not just Indians but even people coming from abroad- that too throughout the year. From the ruins of the fort to the beautifully made Ganesha temple; visitors stay engaged and interested in multiple activities throughout the day.

Ranthambore might be luring people due to the tiger reserve but that’s not the only reason why people love visiting here. From solo travelers to adventure seekers to wildlife enthusiasts; everyone finds something or the other for themselves. Also, the national park has a huge diversity of flora and fauna which again interests a lot of people. If you are visiting here with your entire family which includes your pet; then you might be looking out for pet-friendly accommodations- isn’t it? And if you are looking for comfortable pet friendly resorts in Ranthambore we have quite a list for you.

Best Pet Friendly Resorts In Ranthambore

Ranthambhore Tiger Valley

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LocationSita Mata Rd, Ranthambhore, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan 322021
Charges for pet allowanceYou will have to request a pet allowance and the charges will be told during the booking.
Services for the petsPet Bed and feeding bowl. Other services, if any, must be asked for during the booking.
Cost for two per night2400 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsMake sure you are always supervising your pet. If there is any damage done to the property you will be charged accordingly. You need to take care that your pet doesn’t disturb the other guests. The Restaurant and bar are prohibited for pets.

The Ranthambore Tiger Valley hotel is one of the finest pet-friendly accommodations in Ranthambore. It offers a high-quality service with some luxury amenities to all the guests. If you choose to book a room at this hotel you can toggle between the options of a landmark view, a mountain view, and a garden view room. The hotel is quite equipped with multiple facilities for example an on-site restaurant, airport shuttle services, free parking facilities, and a variety of drinks.

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All the guests can also enjoy a picnic area, outdoor furniture with a dining area, BBQ facilities, and a garden to play in. Those who wish to enjoy some outdoor activities can go on a cycling trip by using the cycle rental facility of the accommodation. Other than this, you also get a children’s park where your kids can have fun as much as they wish to.

Clarks Inn Suites Ranthambore

LocationRanthambore Road Near Helipad Khilchipur, Ranthambhore Rd, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan 322001
Charges for pet allowanceYou will have to request the allowance for your pet.
Services for the petsAll the guests have to get in touch with the hotel to know all the services they provide for pets. Also, some of them are subject to availability.
Cost for two per night5600 INR (approximately) 
Any instruction to the visitorsAll the rules that are told by the hotel staff members have to be followed. You need to take care of your pet all the time as much as you are in the hotel. Damages done by your pet will be charged to you while checking out. 

The Clarks Inn suites Ranthambore is one of the top-notch pet-friendly resorts in Ranthambore. They have a huge list of services, amenities, and facilities to offer to all visitors and their pets. The resort offers an outdoor swimming pool, a wellness and spa Centre, a massage parlor, and a well-equipped room to all the guests. This property is located approximately 4 m from the national park’s entrance gate which means you will not have to worry much during your safari timings. Also, the property is in proximity to the Amareshwar Mahadeo Temple. So that means, one of your major attractions is also covered.

There are garden-view rooms that have all the important modern-age facilities in them. After this, reaching the property will also not be a problem as they offer shuttle services from the airport. And if you choose to visit Ranthambore via train, the railhead is only 9 km away. People can choose between private and public dining facilities.  

Sundervan wildlife resort

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LocationJungle Home, Village Khilchipur, Ranthambhore Rd, behind Hotel Jungle Vilas, Rajasthan 322001
Charges for pet allowancePets are allowed without any extra charges.
Services for the petsAll the basic facilities will be provided. It is requested that if possible you can carry the pet beds along.
Cost for two per night2200 INR (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsYou will be guided and instructed by the staff members. It is better if you get in touch with a staff member during the booking to know all the parameters that have to be kept in mind.

Sundervan wildlife resort is a top-class accommodation where you can stay on your next trip to Ranthambore with your pet. At this property, you get room options between landmark view, mountain view, pool view, garden view, street view, and room with a pool. The resort also features a swimming pool, an on-site restaurant, and a bar to elevate the staying experience of all the guests. And not just this, if you are traveling with children, they also get a playground to enjoy their time. 

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The resort is approximately 3.2 km from Khilchipur town, 18 km from Kusthali, and only 6 km from the Ranthambore national park. The other important attractions are also quite close like the Ranthambore fort is only 7 km away. The railhead of Sawai Madhopur is approximately 5 km from the resort.

The Sawai Bagh

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LocationForest Choki, near Kundera, Kundera, Rajasthan 322029
Charges for pet allowanceIt is requested to get the charges from the hotel itself during the booking
Services for the petsPet bed. Pet food and drinking bowl. Pet Food (special food on request)Pet toys (subject to availability)
Cost for two per night8700 INR (approximately) 
Any instruction to the visitorsAll the guests are requested to take care of their pets. Make sure that your pet gets the job done as per the instructions given by the staff members. All the damages done by your pet will be charged by the property at the time of check-out. The guest must ensure that their pets do not make it difficult for others.

The Sawai Bagh is another wonderful name that can have its name as one amongst the best pet-friendly hotels in Ranthambore. The accommodation is loaded with multiple amenities, services, and facilities. To start with you get an on-site swimming pool to relax and give yourself some excursion. There they also offer airport shuttle services that can be time-saving and helpful. Sawai Bagh is also equipped with an on-site restaurant to offer people multi-cuisines to munch on- whenever they wish for. 

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Extending the number of activities the guests can enjoy while staying at this hotel, there is a games room, fitness center, and a spa and wellness center to relax your nerves as and when you want. The room service of the hotel is quite top-notch. 

Nahargarh Ranthambhore

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LocationRanthambhore Rd, Khilchipur, Rajasthan 322001
Charges for pet allowanceThe charges for pets might vary as per various circumstances. So you must ask for it during the booking.
Services for the petsPet-friendly environment. Staff to manage all your pet needs. An open space for your pet to play and enjoy inPet food (special food on request)Pet bed (on request)Vet on call (on request)Toys for your pet (on request) 
Cost for two per night16,000 (approximately)
Any instruction to the visitorsYou need to keep monitoring your pet all the time. Any damage that’s done by your pet will be charged by the hotel staff while you are checking out- accordingly. When you go out for sightseeing or the safari, there are staff members who can take care of your pet. So that you can go freely without getting tensed about your pet. Make sure that your pet doesn’t disturb the other guests; especially during sleeping hours. You also need to make sure that your pet is tick free. Pets are not allowed in the pool or the restaurant or even the Children’s games room. Also, pets are not allowed on the bed or any furniture.

Nahargarh Ranthambhore is probably one of the best dog-friendly hotels in Ranthambore. It has a huge list of offerings for the visitors that not just elevate their stay but adds to the overall experience too. The expansive resort is located at an impressive location of the Aravalli Range. If you choose to stay here it will be a better option because you do not have to worry about your safari. That’s because the national park is only 700 m from this accommodation. Additionally, if you are choosing to commute via train, that will also not be a problem because Nahargarh Ranthambhore is just 7 km from the Sawai Madhopur Railway Station. 

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Talking about comfort, not only is the main entrance gate of the Ranthambore National Park just 1.5 km from the resort but other important attractions are also quite close. Apart from an on-site restaurant offering Indian, Local, Grill/ BBQ, and international cuisines you also get 2 swimming pools. And the list of facilities offered by the hotel is quite extensive.


Ranthambore is a very popular tourist destination in India and people keep visiting here throughout the year. Also, during the peak season time, you will see multiple foreign guests enjoying their vacation. And if you are looking for comfortable or luxurious pet-friendly resorts in Ranthambore, it is better to pre-book your stay. The names that we have mentioned above are of some top-notch stays where you and your pet will have a great time whatsoever. And we believe you will not be regretting the choices that are mentioned above; be it the services they have on offer or any other offerings. 

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