Uttarakhand is known for its breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes, and now you can take your furry friends along with you to explore the beauty while staying in one of the many pet friendly resorts. Pet owners need not worry about leaving their pets behind when they plan a trip to this gorgeous state as there are several pet friendly resorts in Uttarakhand that not only offer comfortable accommodations but also provide lots of fun-filled activities for both you and your four-legged companions.

From luxurious villas to budget-friendly options, these resorts provide all kinds of amenities for both humans and animals. Not only can your pet enjoy the comfort of the resort facilities with air conditioning, spacious rooms, and plenty of outdoor space but also partake in numerous activities like hiking trails and swimming pools.

  1. Emerald Trail, Bhimtal
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LocationJungaliya Gaon Rd, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand 263136
Charges for your petNo extra charges
Cost per night for two people4300 INR (approximately)
Special services provided for your petPets can enjoy the entire property but have to be monitored at all times. Vet on-call on specialPet-babysitting can also be requestedPet beds in every room.Pet feeding bowls Home cooked mealsSpecial diet food on request
Some do’s that have to kept in mindYour pets should get done with their business out of the property. And the rest will be taken care of by our cleaning staff.You need to make sure that the pets get indoors as soon as it gets dark.Guests are advised to refrain from taking their pets on a night walk because of the wild animals in the valley.Lastly, you will be held accountable for all the losses and damages done by your pet. 

Emerald Trail which is situated in Bhimtal is one of the best resorts for pets in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand. They not only offer a comfortable stay to all the visitors but to their pets as well. Apart from all the services and a man it is that we have already mentioned in the table above you can also get your hands on some amazing facilities offered by the resort. One of the best things about this place is that even if you have booked the BNB service at this place you still get to enjoy a breakfast which can be continental or buffet.

The hotel is beautiful tucked away in the lap of nature and people can enjoy a 360° view of some amazing Naini Valley. The property is approximately 30 km from the Naini lake and 18 km from Bhowali. This place is also known for being a great place for pets as they can enjoy the fenced lawns and also get to play with other pets.

  1. Hotel Nand Residency, Mussoorie
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Locationopp. State Bank of IndiaKulri, The Mall Road, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179
Charges for your petIt is subjective and you should confirm it before doing the bookings.
Cost per night for two people3100 INR (approximately)
Special services provided for your petPet food bowlYou can request Vet on Call- 24x 7You should get the bedsheet of your own if your pet sleeps with you.Pet beds if requested and during season it is subject to availability.
Some do’s that have to kept in mindMake sure you monitor the pets at all times.If there is any damage done by the pet, you need to pay it before leaving.Eating areas are a prohibited region for pets at all times.Make sure your pet is fully vaccinated and tick free.

Hotels Nand Residency is a top notch pick for those who are looking for pet friendly stays in Mussoorie. It is beautifully located near the Camel’s Back Road near the Mall Road and stands tall over the Doon Valley. It is also one of the best places to stay for other reasons because if you are visiting here with kids; they can enjoy their time in Children’s Park. Apart from this, you also get to enjoy an open roof eating area and the luxury rooms also boast some seating areas where people can relax with their family and pets.

Apart from this, you also get to enjoy an on-site restaurant that offers a wide range of meals. Guests can also make the most of their time enjoying the room service for fulfilling their wishes and the Barbeque facility which can be availed on request. Then overlooking the Mall Road you can visit the attraction in no time because it is simply 100 m away from the entry gate of the hotel. Considering all the amenities and facilities offered by the hotel it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best pet friendly hotels in India.

  1. Karinya Villas- Nainital
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Location106, Talla, Gethiya, Uttarakhand 263127
Charges for your petNo extra charges for any pets
Cost per night for two people8500 INR (approximately)
Special services provided for your petLobby Area for pets to get acquainted with each other.Parks for your pets to play to their heart’s content.Special pet food on requestYou get the pet bed and vet on call if requested in advance
Some do’s that have to kept in mindMake sure your pet doesn’t do the business inside the room or anywhere in the property. Rather, they should go out in the open for that.Ensure that you always have a pair of eyes on the pet.Make sure they don’t disturb any other guests, especially at night.All the damages done will be payable at the checkin counter. 

If you are looking for a stay that is a bit more than a pet-friendly stay in Nainital– then we would suggest you consider Karinya Villas. It is one of the best places that you can book for your trip if staying in the lake city of Uttarakhand. There are villas with Lake View, Quiet street view, as well as valley view. You also get a courtyard inside the premises where you and your pet can have a few playing rounds. There is a terrace seating where you can go and relax in the rejuvenating environment. 

If this was not it, the hotel also offers airport shuttle services, game room, hiking facilities, rooms with Jacuzzi or Hot Tub. The property is approximately 21 km from the popular Naini KLake and 59 km from Pantnagar Airport.

  1. Ayar Jungle Resort- Nainital
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LocationBarapathar-Sherwood College Road, Ayarpatta Hill, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002
Charges for your petYou will have to confirm this before booking into the resort
Cost per night for two people6600 INR (approximately)
Special services provided for your petPet friendly environment where they can enjoy, learn, and have a great time.Staff members to assist with their daily business.Pet special food on requestPet feeding bowl and pet bed
Some do’s that have to kept in mindYou will have to ensure that the pet is fully vaccinated.Your pet should not disturb the other pets or harm them in any way.Your pet should also not make the life of the other guests difficult, especially in the sleeping hours.Ensure that your pet doesn’t break the furniture or damage the property. Any such event can lead to extra payment before check out. Do not go out in the dark and keep the pet indoors or near the property itself.

One of the most popular pet friendly resorts in Uttarakhand– Ayar Jungle Resort- Nainital can also be your next staying place. It boasts a wonderful setup in the secured and fenced wild area of the hill station. You get a complete vibe of staying in the wild and can enjoy a lot of amazing things; including the rejuvenating environment. The resort hosts well-equipped and luxury rooms to say the least.

The range of options in terms of services and facilities is quite enormous at the hotel. You get to enjoy a lot of amazing things like a choice between buffet, continental, and American breakfast. Then this 4-star property of Nainital also boasts a kids’ club where they can enjoy their time on the trip. Ayar Jungle Resort is one of the top-rated places to stay in Uk.

  1. Itmenaan Estate in the Himalayas
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LocationItmenaan Estate, Village Naugaon, Tehsil Bhanoli, District Almora, Uttarakhand, 263623 Mukteshwar
Charges for your petNo extra charges
Cost per night for two people11,400 INR (approximately)
Special services provided for your petPet feeding bowlA comforting size bed for your petExtra cushions and warmer sheets for the petPet toys if requested and it is subject to availability
Some do’s that have to kept in mindFirstly you will have to ensure that the pet is never left unchecked.Make sure your pet doesn’t bother any other guests or pets.You should not leave the property premises with the pet or the pet shouldn’t do that alone either after it gets dark.All the eating areas are prohibited regions for your pet even if they are not furry or small in size.Your pet should be vaccinated and tick free when they arrive at the resort.Big or small, if there are any damages done; the property holds all the rights to get the payment from the guests.

If you are traveling to Mukteshwar for a pilgrimage or something then we suggest you should book your stay at this luxurious Itmenaan Estate in the Himalayas resort. It is one of the finest pet friendly resorts of Mukteshwar and can offer you a stay comfortable and memorable for the family. The property is quite huge and you will get the house built in 100-years old Kumaoni Style, which is rare to find. 

The resort offers an option between Gluten-free, Continental, Asian, American, and Vegetarian breakfast. You get terrace seating and on-seat services by the staff members. There is an on-site restaurant where you can enjoy your time with the family members. And pets get a huge campus to roam, play, and have fun.


Coming back to the present, if we search for pet friendly resorts or hotels in Uttarakhand; we will get a huge list of options. And that’s not just for Uttarakhand but anywhere in India. The above given list is just an image of how easy it has become to find a pet welcoming resort in India. So now you do not have to think much before stepping out of your house with your pets and enjoying a trip that you have always wondered about. Obviously with your entire family including the pet!

But because the number of people traveling with your pet is quite huge we suggest that you should get your booking done as soon as you make the plans. The good hotels are hard to get because just like you there are other people who wish to get their hands on the best places to stay in Uttarakhand with pets.

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