Wayanad is known to be a nature’s paradise in Kerala and one of the most popular places to visit in the state. This hill station is located beautifully in the mountains of western cards and constitutes the green portion of the state. Visiting this hill station is absolutely blissful and visitors enjoy their time here throughout the year. Considering the fact that the frequency of tourists traveling with their pets has increased; finding pet-friendly resorts in Wayanad is quite convenient. This hill station is known for its green plantation, exotic wildlife, lofty ridges, deep valleys, exotic wildlife, and innumerable other things.

But all of this is not just for humans to enjoy but also for their pets. So be it going on a short safari or trekking on the trails; you can do it with your furry friend without any problem. And if you are planning on visiting Wayanad on your next trip, you can pick any of the below-listed places for your stay.

Top Pet Friendly Resorts In Wayanad

Woodside Home-stay

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LocationPulpally – Sultan Bathery Hwy, P. O, Chethalayam, Sultan Bathery, Kerala 673592
Charges for pet allowanceCharges may be applicable and you must confirm the amount before the completion of your booking.
Services for the petsPlay area for the pets.Pet food and pet bowl. Bed for your pet
Cost for two per night3500 INR (approximately)
Any instruction for the visitorsDo not let your pet out of your sight at any time throughout the stay. Pets are not allowed to go in the restaurant or the eating area. Ensure that your pet doesn’t cause any chaos in the room or the property. You need to keep the pets out while they do their job.

Woodside Home-stay is undoubtedly amongst the best pet friendly resorts in Wayanad. This is a wonderful property that boasts an array of luxuries and facilities which is offered to visitors. From well-equipped garden view rooms to having a free Wi-Fi setup in the entire property; you will surely like your stay here. The property is situated in Batheri and is approximately 15 km from one of the most important temples of Wayanad- the ancient Jain Temple. The rooms of this property have a generous balcony where people can enjoy their time having a blissful view and a serene environment. 

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You can also pamper yourself in this highly-rated property with a special diet menu, liquor, barbeque facility, outdoor furniture, an outdoor dining area, and a fireplace if you are visiting here with your friends to enjoy. This property is also about 24 km from Kakkar Caves and just about 25 km from the Heritage Museum. 

Wayanad Days

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LocationWayanad days Homestay Near School Junction, Payyampally, Mananthavady, Kerala 670646
Charges for pet allowanceYou will have to request a pet allowance in advance. And the charges will be told to you at that time.
Services for the petsPet friendly grounds. Pet food and special food on request. Food bowl and water bowl
Cost for two per night3000 INR (approximately)
Any instruction for the visitorsTake care of your pet all the time and don’t let them go from your sight. Make sure your pets do all their job outside the rooms. The staff members will direct you to it. Any damages caused by the pet have to be paid before checking out from the property.

Wayanad Days is also an amazing pet friendly hotel in Wayanad where you can have a comfortable and a budget friendly stay during your trip. The place has its own kitchen that can offer you Multicuisine breakfast and food throughout the day. You have rooms offering a mountain view as well as a garden view. The pets can also have a great time playing in the garden under the sun in the serene environment to their heart’s content. The list of facilities and services offered by the property are quite extensive including the BBQ facility. People also get a common washing machine where they can get their clothes done either for their babies or pets.

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Wayanad also offers a children’s playground where they can have fun and enjoy their trip. If you want to go out on a sightseeing trip do not be very worried about it because the accommodation has its car rental facility. You can also choose between an A La carte or Asian breakfast whatever you like.

Raveendra Inn

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LocationNear, SP Office Rd, Madathumpady, Kalpetta, Kerala 673122
Charges for pet allowanceThe charges can be confirmed from the property before confirming your bookings.
Services for the petsPet food (special food on request)Pet BowlBed for your pet
Cost for two per night3500 INR (approximately)
Any instruction for the visitorsYou cannot let the pet roam around without your watch. Ensure that all the job is done outside the premises. The staff members will let you know. Your pet should be fully vaccinated. It is your duty to keep the peace of other visitors in mind, especially at night.

Raveendra Inn is another option that you have during the trip for your stay. It is a great place where you get to enjoy more than just the hill station. If you are one of those who wish for a comfortable and happening place to stay- we have one for you. This is a property where you can enjoy the Mountain View and spend some time amidst the serene environment. 

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This accommodation is approximately 15 km from Karla Lake, 19 km from Lakkidi Viewpoint, and close to other important attractions of Wayanad. The nearest airport is the Calicut international which is approximately 90 km from this stay. You will surely love to spend some time here because of its comfortable setup and the surrounding environment. 

Crossroads 1957

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LocationPHC road varadoor Varadoor, 673591 Kalpetta
Charges for pet allowanceIt is free of cost and you do not have to pay anything.
Services for the petsIt is advised to get your pet bowl and bed. Pet food is available but has to be requested in advance
Cost for two per night800 INR (approximately)
Any instruction for the visitorsYour pet should not harm any staff or guests in the vicinity. Make sure your pet is fully vaccinated. Do not leave your pet unmonitored at any time throughout the stay. You need to clean the bowl of your pet after every serving.

Are you planning on a trip to Wayanad with friends on a budget trip? Don’t worry, if you wish to bring your pet along, Crossroads 1957 is the perfect spot. It is one of those places where you can spend some quality time with your travel partners. This place is beautifully tucked away amidst the greenery. It is approximately 20 km from the Ancient Jain Temple and just another km away from the Heritage Museum. 

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If you are staying at this property, multiple attractions like Kuruvadweep are 21 km away. Other than this, Edakkal Caves are 24 km from the property, and so is Karla Lake. This property has a fine dining area which is like a wooden house. Apart from the basic facilities you also get a few things for your entertainment. 

Klov Resort & Spa

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LocationThirunelli Temple (Post), Wayanad, Dist, Thirunelly, Kerala 670646
Charges for pet allowanceYou need to inform and request the resort management for a pet allowance. And the charges will be told by them at the time of booking.
Services for the petsPlaying space for your pets. Special food for the pet can also be requested. Pet food and water bowls can also be requested. Pet toys; that is subject to availability
Cost for two per night9500 INR (approximately)
Any instruction for the visitorsYour pet should not damage the property. And if such even happens, you will have to pay for it. Pets are not allowed on the guest beds and room furniture. You will have to also keep your pet fully vaccinated. If there is a special shampoo that you use for your pet, make sure to carry it along. Your pet should be tick-free.

Klov Resort & Spa is another well-equipped pet friendly resort in Wayanad and you can think of staying here on your trip to this hill station of Kerala. The property is quite conveniently situated around many leading attractions. If you stay here the Thirunelly Temple will be approximately 1.5 km from your stay. Apart from this you are going to get a private parking space for free, an in-house restaurant, and an outdoor swimming pool, as well as a garden. 

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Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast that is multi-cuisine in the in-house restaurant. You can pick between American, Continental, Halal, Asian, and Vegetarian menus. The property also offers some amazing activities like fishing and trekking trails to the guests. You can also access the game rooms and the spa and wellness centre of the resort.

Woodrose Resort

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LocationWoodrose Resort, near Pio Bhavan, Kalpetta, Meppadi Road, Puthurvayal, 673577 Kalpetta
Charges for pet allowanceYou will have to ask for the charges at reception while getting your bookings done.
Services for the petsPet food bowl. Pet foodSpace for your pet to enjoy
Cost for two per night5500 INR (approximately)
Any instruction for the visitorsJust keep an eye on your pet all the time and they should not harm anyone else. The damages made by your pet in the property will be charged at the time of checkout. Your pet is not allowed on the bed or the furniture.

Woodrose Resort is one of the best pet friendly resorts in Wayanad. You can enjoy your time with your furry friend at this staying option of the hill station. There are some amazing facilities that the visitors can have while staying at this option. You can get access to free parking, free Wi-Fi, and an outdoor swimming pool at all times. There are some general services and facilities offered by the resort that include shuttle service, grocery deliveries, fruits, and kid meals- all of these have additional charges and you will have to pay them while checking out. 

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Keeping in mind all these factors you can pick up any of these pet friendly resorts in Wayanad. All of them are well-equipped to host guests throughout the year. We suggest you should get your booking done before arriving at Wayanad. That’s because these are some of the best accommodations where pets are allowed. 

You can have a look at these places before making any other bookings. We have listed options in terms of budget as well. So that you can get options for everything. 

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