If you’re travelling with your furry friend and you need a reliable taxi, you are in luck. There are many pet-friendly taxi service in Bangalore to keep you both safe and comfortable. You can choose a cab that is specifically designed to accommodate animals, and the drivers are all experienced in caring for pets.


Bangalore has a number of pet-friendly taxi services that are perfect for people with dogs and cats. These services will take care of all of the logistics, from picking up your pet at your home to transporting them to their destination.

List of reliable pet-friendly cab services in Bangalore

Anvis Inc

Anvis has certified, experienced, and pet-friendly professionals as drivers. Anvis has been operational since 2010. They charge a flat Rs 49 for registration. They also have different cab sizes based on your need. Check them out here.


Swearondog has experienced and pet-friendly drivers. They have Swift Dzire cars and the back seats are fully reserved for the pet. All their cars are air-conditioned. Check out more details about Swearondog here.


PetBacker is an aggregation platform for various pet-related services like pet-boarding, dog-walking, and also pet-taxi. You can find multiple pet-friendly taxi service providers here. Look at the rating, reviews, and repeat customer count before making a booking. You can find more details about PetBacker here.


WoofWoofNow provides professional and comfortable local pet transport service. They also provide pick-ups and transfers to and from the airport. They have AC, Non-AC, Hatchback, and SUV cars available depending on your need. You can contact WoofWoofNow here.


In conclusion, it is evident that Bangalore has a growing demand for pet-friendly cabs and taxis. And the supply side has also started catching up. This is great news for pet owners, as they now have more options when it comes to travel. Hopefully, this trend will continue and more taxi services will become pet-friendly. In the meantime, pet owners in Bangalore should take advantage of the services that are available and know that they are not alone in their love for their furry friends.

If you are a pet-friendly taxi service provider in Bangalore or know someone who is, please contact us and we will list them here for absolutely free.

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