We all love spending time and traveling with our pets, however, good preparation is needed beforehand. Whether it’s on a plane, on a train, or even on the road. Get a bag and put these 10 things you must carry while travelling with your pet.

10 Things You Must Carry While Travelling With Your Pet

If you’re one of the many people who love to travel with their furry friend, there are a few things you’ll need to make sure you have before hitting the road. From food and water bowls to leashes and collars, here are the 10 things you must carry while travelling with your pet.


dog harness

On a long trip, it is our job to ensure our pets are comfortable and harnesses do just that. They ensure we don’t choke them and also we will have better control over them, especially when they get on and off the train.

Dog Bowls

Dog bowls are easier to use by our pets to drink water and eat food. They make them eat and drink more comfortably.

dog bowl

Pee Pads

pee pads

Finding a place to pee or poop will be difficult. In pee pads, the pets just have to do their business, and to get rid of them just throw them in the bin

Dog Food

Not only for us hoomans, but our pets too, food is the key to everything. Keep a box of treats along with you so they can munch on it whenever they want. Bring their kibble or homemade food as well. A few ideas for homemade dog food are sweet potato and curd, roti and curd. 

dog food


dog toys

Even when on vacation, pets need playtime. Take at least 2 of their favorite toys. This helps drain their extra energy. These toys also provide a sense of familiarity that will help them get used to the new environment easily.


Bring along some home comfort with you. Dogs should be comfortable while sleeping so they don’t disturb you even if you are in a different place. Since you are taking your pet on a trip with you it is your job to keep them happy and comfortable

dog bedding

First Aid Kit

dog first aid kit

If your pet is going through any medication do not forget to take it along with you. And if you think that your dog is healthy, take them to a vet a few days before to make sure they are definitely ok, and take a few basic things just in case like bandages, ice pack, lotion, antiseptic wipes, etc. Also, ask the vet for charcoal tablets, this can be given orally to your dog if they ingest something non-edible.

Poop Bag 

We are never really sure when our pets need to go. To be a little more prepared, carry poop bags. Also if you are on a road trip make sure you stop at regular intervals to make sure the trip is smooth.

dog poop bag

Cleaning Supplies

dog cleaning supplies

You never know what might happen, so it’s always better to take a few cleaning supplies to prepare for the worst. The cleaning solution comes in small bottles as well.


Street dogs are everywhere, and they don’t mind attacking any other animal that invades their territory. To scare them off and to protect your fur babies take a stick (but please don’t hit them!)

dog stick


In conclusion, these were the 10 things you must carry while travelling with your pet in order to make the trip as smooth as possible. Water and food bowls, a leash or harness, waste bags, toys, treats, and a first-aid kit are all essential items. Don’t forget to pack your patience, too! With a little planning and preparation, you and your furry friend can enjoy a stress-free vacation.

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