As pet parents, we all want to take the best care of them, and what better way to do that than travelling with them. Travelling with pets in India is becoming more popular every day as people realize how much their furry friends can add to their travel experience. Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group, there are a variety of options available for taking your furry friend along with you on your next trip. But, travelling with pets can also be a hectic task and the best thing to do is to plan it well in advance. If not planned in advance, travelling with pets in India can be quite a challenge.

There are various options for travelling with pets, each with its own set of pros and cons, which we will go through in this article.


When travelling with pets in India, there are a number of options available to pet owners. Some people choose to travel with their pets by air, some by train, while others take their pets with them on long car rides. Let’s look at each of these options in detail:

Air Travel For Pets

Air travel for pets in India can be quite taxing. Most airlines do not allow pets to travel in the cabin and those that do charge a hefty fee. There are few airlines that allow pets as carry-on or checked luggage. Most airlines require that your pet be kept in a carrier or kennel while on the plane. Additionally, many airlines have strict restrictions on the types of animals that are allowed on the aircraft. Some airlines even have a policy of refusing to fly pets altogether. There are no standard rules set by the Aviation ministry, and hence every airline has come up with its set of rules and regulations. Your options will depend on your final destination and which airlines fly to that destination. We have covered the existing rules for all the Airlines operating in India in this detailed post.

Air Travel For Pets

Advantages of Air Travel For Pets

  1. Air travel is mostly quicker than train or road travel and can take your pet directly to the destination

Disadvantages of Air Travel For Pets

  1. Very stressful for pets as they will be separated from you
  2. Pets may also be left alone for a long period of time in Cargo area leading to stress and anxiety
  3. Expensive
  4. If your pet is not cage trained, it’s gonna be super stressful for them
  5. Since they are mostly carried in the cargo areas, pet safety can be an issue in case of turbulence etc.

Train Travel For Pets

Indian Railways has the best pet-friendly policies and is your best option if you are looking to take a long trip with your pet. Though there are some nuances in terms of bookings and paperwork, once you are on board, it’s quite comfortable for pets. Train travel in India for pets can be a fun way to get your pet acquainted with new surroundings and meet new people. Make sure to bring their food and water, and if your pet is scared or anxious, bring a pack of treats. In this separate post here, we’ve covered in detail the steps involved, the paperwork required and things to be mindful of while taking train travel for pets.

Train Travel For Pets

Advantages of Train Travel For Pets

  1. Pets are always with you
  2. Pets have enough space in the compartment to move around
  3. On long routes, there are always a few stations with stops of 5-10 minutes. At these stations, you can get down with your pet for their peeing and pooping.
  4. It’s a great experience for the entire family and pets love it

Disadvantages of Train Travel For Pets

  1. You are limited to AC First Class seats and will have to ensure you get a coupe allotted
  2. The train journey will take longer, and you will have to ensure you carry enough food for your pets
  3. AC Frist Class tickets are expensive! They cost almost as much as flight tickets on most routes
  4. There is paperwork involved and you will have to visit the Railway station a couple of times
  5. If your pet is not used to pooping on hard surface, you might want to train them beforehand

Road Travel For Pets

For short-distance travels and outings, this is your best bet! If you have access to a car, pets can be carried in the back of a car, but care must be taken to keep them safe and secure. Pet-friendly hotels and restaurants are becoming more common in India. Consult a Vet before you take up a road trip and make sure to carry some nausea-related medicines. Take plenty of water and toilet breaks. Always keep your pet on a leash when deboarding from your car.

Road Travel For Pets

Advantages of Road Travel For Pets

  1. Pets are always with you, giving them a sense of security and belongingness
  2. You can take breaks at your wish and decide the pace of travel
  3. Cheaper than Flight or Train travel
  4. Most pets enjoy long drives
  5. No paper work involved

Disadvantages of Road Travel For Pets

  1. Some pets get nausea while travelling in car. Make sure you consult a vet and carry medication if your pet is one of those.
  2. Can get tiring for older pets


In conclusion, travelling with pets in India can be a very rewarding experience or challenging, and hence it is important to be well-prepared for the journey. The most important thing to remember when travelling with pets is to keep them safe and healthy. Make sure you have the correct documentation for your pet and know the local laws in each destination you’ll be visiting. By following these tips, you and your furry friend can enjoy a safe and fun trip together.

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